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Preservation Of Live Prey


This section is mainly intended for the preservation of rats and mice

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Reasons For Preservation:

  • When prey is hard to come by, especially the shorter immature stages like pinkies and fuzzies
  • Cheaper, no feeding and bulk
  • Easier to transport
  • Safer to feed
  • Kills possible parasites
  • Better feed control and management
  • More storage

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  • All stages of rats and mice can be preserved by freezing in a regular freezer
  • Prey should be dead before preserving
  • Use appropriate size containers with a lid or plastic bags to store
  • Defrost at room temperature. Do not use a microwave, oven or direct sunlight to defrost. Partial cooking will change the natural biochemical composition of the prey and will cause prey to rot and decompose faster
  • Prey should be properly defrosted before feeding. When in a hurry defrosting can be done with a blow dryer
  • Don't defrost more than once
  • Do not store for more than six months
  • Do not store frozen stock in household freezers

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"If you think I should add more information to this section or think that something is incorrect, contact me and let me know. I would love to hear your ideas or methods you might use that is different than ours."

Last updated 6 June 2006 by Renier Delport

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| Reasons For Preservation | Guidelines | Related Topics |
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