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The Basic Reptile Incubator Manual by Renier Delport

The Basic Reptile Incubator Manual is a very short, easy to use guide to build and maintain your own non-commercial reptile incubator. The actual building section is written in an easy step-by-step fashion and explains all the important aspects in the process including where to obtain all the tools and materials. It also guides the reader through the necessary preparation stages, contains information on egg collection, preparation, substrates to use, record keeping, egg laying, incubation temperatures, incubator test and monitoring and more.

Author: Renier Delport

Format: A4 eBook (Electronic Book-PDF-format)
Pages: 32
28 Full-colour Photos & 2 Illustrations
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The Basic Reptile Incubator Manual covers the following topics in detail (some never been covered in any other book):

Materials Needed To Build A Non-commercial Reptile Incubator
Egg Laying
Pointers Before & While Incubating
Temperature Control & Testing
Incubation Temperatures Of  Different Species
Egg & Incubator Preparation
Where To Buy Materials
Egg Management Before Incubation
Incubator Setup (step-by-step)
Record Keeping
Disinfection & Sterilization Options
Other Incubation Tips
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