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The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual covers all the aspects needed to keep a healthy pet Bearded dragon. It includes a short biological background to make the reader understand these animals in their natural environment.

Some of the topics covered include vivarium size, substrates, heating, lighting, photoperiod, vivarium decoration, hiding, food and feeding, supplementation, management and routine procedures.

Important aspects such as buying, price, adaptation, handling, transport, behaviour, health, sanitation and hygiene are also discussed in some detail.

Author: Renier Delport

Format: A4 eBook (Electronic Book-PDF-format)
Pages: 70
68 Full-colour Photos & 3 Illustrations
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The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual covers the following topics in some detail
(some never been covered in any other book):

Table Of Contents 1
Conversion Factors & Abbreviations 4
Foreword 5
Introduction 6
   Description 6
Bearded Dragon Fact Sheet 8
Bearded Dragon Biology 9
   Natural Food & Habitat 9
   Classification 9
   Distribution 9
   Zoology 9
   Bearded Dragon Anatomy 11
   Skin Shedding 12
   Sexing 12
Bearded Dragons As Pets 15
   Introduction 15
   Is A Bearded Dragon The Right Pet For You? 15
Buying Bearded Dragons 16
   Choosing A Beardie 16
   Where To Buy Bearded Dragons 17
   Price 18
Captive Care Environment & Vivarium Setup 19
   Introduction 19
   Most Important Considerations Before The Final Construction
   Or Purchase Of An Enclosure 19
   Vivarium Size 19
   Substrates 21
   Heating 24
   Thermometers & Thermostats 26
   Photoperiod 28
   Lighting 28
   Vivarium Decoration / Environment Enrichment 30
   Hiding 31
   Outside Enclosures / Reptilliary 31
Adapting A Bearded Dragon To Its New Home 32
   Adult Males 32
   Size Does Matter 33
Food & Feeding Bearded Dragons 34
   Crickets 35
   Grasshoppers & Cockroaches 36
   A Note On Mealworms 37
   Other Foodstuffs 38
   Greens 39
   Water 41
   Supplementation 42
Bearded Dragon Handling & Transportation 44
   Transportation 45
Management & Routine Procedures 46
   Introduction 46
   Record Keeping 46
   General Keeping Management 46
Bearded Dragon Behaviour 48
Bearded Dragon Health 51
   Introduction 51
   Stress 52
   Disease 52
   Endoparasites 53
   Impactions 55
   Nutritional Disorders 55
   Eye Problems 56
   Skin Problems 56
   Burn Wounds & Trauma 56
   Respiratory Problems 56
   Winter Slumber 57
   Reptile-Friendly Veterinarians 57
   Routine Veterinary Visits / Preventative Medicine 57
   Zoonoses 58
Bearded Dragon Sanitation & Hygiene 59
   Introduction 59
   Related Definitions 59
   Sanitization Of The Environment 59
   Sanitization For The Owner 60
Appendix A – Sizes Of Popular Commercial Vivariums 61
   Commonly Used / Commercially Available Vivarium Types &
   Sizes 61
Appendix B – Resources 62
   Commercial / Custom Herptile Vivarium Producers &
   Suppliers 62
   Feeder Insect & Insects Related Products Suppliers 62
   Herptile Friendly Veterinarians, Specialists & Rescue
   Centres 63
   Bearded Dragon Related Resources 63
   Other Related Resources 63
Glossary 64
Consulted Literature 70
Websites Consulted 71
Extra Notes 72

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