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The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual by Renier Delport

The Advance Bearded Dragon Manual covers all the aspects needed to keep a healthy pet Bearded dragon and more. The eBook is written in the same fashion and explanatory level than the hugely popular Basic Bearded Dragon, with the only difference that it contains more and more in depth information.

Some of the topics covered include biology, the purchasing, handling and feeding of these animals. It also includes detailed information on the correct and different methods of housing, a comprehensive zoology section where Beardies are seen in their natural environments, loads of feedstuffs with recipes that can be fed to both Beardies and feeder crickets, correct supplementation, Bearded dragon legislation, cricket breeding, Bearded dragon breeding and incubator setup, major Bearded dragon health issues, basic emergency care, import, quarantine and biosecurity and many more.

Author: Renier Delport

Format: A4 eBook (Electronic Book-PDF-format)
Pages: 138
123 Full-colour Photos & 13 Illustrations
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The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual covers the following topics in detail (some never been covered in any other book):

Table Of Contents 1
Conversion Factors & Abbreviations 7
Foreword 8
Introduction 10
   Description 10
Bearded Dragon Fact Sheet 11
Bearded Dragon Biology 12
   Natural Food & Habitat 12
   Something Interesting 12
   Classification 12
   Distribution 12
   The Australian Deserts 12
   Zoology 14
   The Eight Bearded Dragon Species (Pogona genus) 15
   Dwarf Bearded Dragons 16
   Eastern Bearded Dragon 17
   Nullabar Bearded Dragon 17
   Lawson’s Bearded Dragons 18
   Small-scaled Bearded Dragon 18
   Mitchell's Northwest Bearded Dragon 18
   Other Dragons & Agamids 18
   Bearded Dragon Anatomy 21
   Skin Shedding 22
Bearded Dragons As Pets 23
   Introduction 23
   Is A Bearded Dragon The Right Pet For You? 23
Buying A Bearded Dragon 24
   Choosing A Bearded Dragon 24
   Where To Buy Bearded Dragons 24
   Price 26
   Something Interesting 26
Captive Care Environment & Vivarium Setup 27
   Introduction 27
   Most Important Considerations Before The Final Construction Or 
   Purchase Of An Enclosure 27
   Vivarium Size 27
   Additional Pointers With Regard To Enclosures 29
   Cabinets Vs. Aquariums 30
   Substrates 31
   Newspaper & Brown Butcher Paper 31
   Sand 31
   Astroturf™ & Carpet 32
   Gravel 32
   Heating 33
   Managing & Controlling Ambient Temperatures 34
   Primary Heat Source / Basking Area 34
   Thermometers & Thermostats 35
   Infra Red Lights 36
   Other Heating Equipment 36
   Photoperiod 37
   Basic Light Physics 38
   Lighting 38
   Recommended Ultra Violet Exposure For Captive Bearded Dragons 39
   Ultra Violet Intensity 40
   UVB & Calcium Metabolism 41
   UVA & Light Perception 41
   Reflectors 41
   Vivarium Decoration / Environment Enrichment 42
   Hiding 42
   Outside Enclosures / Reptilliary 43
Adapting A Bearded Dragon To Its New Home 45
   Adult Males 45
   Size Does Matter 46
Colour & Pattern Morphs 47
   Introduction 47
   Breeding Programs 47
   Some Descriptions 47
Food & Feeding Bearded Dragons 49
   Crickets 50
   Keeping Crickets 52
   Cricket Bulk Food Mixture 53
   Cricket Gut Loading Recipe 1 54
   Cricket Gut Loading Recipe 2 54
   Culturing / Breeding Crickets 55
   Grasshoppers & Cockroaches 57
   A Note On Mealworms 58
   Other Foodstuffs 58
   Nestling Mice 58
   Fly Ants 59
   Superworms 59
   Waxworms 59
   Butterworms 59
   Silkworms 59
   Phoenix worms 59
   Greens 60
   Fruit 60
   Vegetables 60
   Leaves / Herbs 61
   Flowers 61
   Water 63
   Supplementation 63
   Gut Loading 64
   Dusting & Sprinkling 64
   Calcium Supplementation 64
Bearded Dragon Handling & Transportation 65
   Transportation 66
Bearded Dragon Status & Legislation 67
   Protection / Endangered Status 67
   South Africa 67
   Australia 68
Behavioural Aspects 70
   Introduction 70
   Natural Behaviour 70
   Thermoregulatory Behaviour 71
   Threatening Behaviour 71
   Appetite Related Aggression 72
   Breeding Bahaviour 72
   Winter / Slumber Behaviour 72
   Digging / Burrowing Behaviour 72
   Cannibalistic Behaviour 73
Understanding Basic Genetics 74
   Introduction 74
   Phenotypes, Genotypes & Traits 75
   Single Gene or Qualitative Traits 76
   Multiple Gene or Quantitative Traits 76
   Breeding Programs 77
   Generation Interval 78
   Requirements For A Successful Breeding Program 78
Breeding Bearded Dragons In Captivity 80
   Introduction 80
   Breeding Facts 80
   Sexing 80
   Breeding Females 83
   Breeding Males 83
   Breeding Evolution 84
   Egg Laying 84
   Egg Lying Substrates 85
   Substrate Preparation 85
   Egg-laying- / Nest-box 85
   Egg Management Before Incubation 85
   Hatching Percentage 86
   Fecundity 86
   Mortality Until Juvenile / Selling 88
   Baby & Juvenile Management 88
Bearded Dragon Incubator 90
   Introduction 90
   Overview Of The Parts Needed 90
   Incubator Setup Requirements 92
   Incubator Construction Steps 93
   Incubator Test Run 96
   Important Pointers Before Incubation 96
   Important Pointers During Incubation 97
   Incubator Placement 97
10 Things To Avoid With Bearded Dragons 98
Management & Routine Procedures 100
   Introduction 100
   Record Keeping 100
   General Keeping Management 100
   Breeding Management 101
   Marketing Planning 101
Basic Marketing & Economics 103
   Introduction 103
   Demand 103
   Value Adding 103
   Advertising 104
   Pet Shop & Advertising Display Vivariums 104
   Additional Tips 104
   Market Research 104
   Economics 105
Bearded Dragon Health 107
   Introduction 107
   Stress 108
   Disease 108
   Supportive Treatment 109
   Emergency Care / First Aid By Owners 111
   Dystocia 112
   Endoparasites 113
   Pinworms 113
   Coccidiosis 114
   Coccidiosis In Large Collections 114
   Flagellated Protozoans 115
   General Endoparasitic Treatment 115
   Impactions 117
   Nutritional Disorders 118
   Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) 118
   Basic Calcium Physiology 121
   Eye Problems 122
   Skin Problems 122
   Burn Wounds & Trauma 123
   Respiratory Problems 123
   Winter Slumber 124
   Skin Shedding Problems / Anecdysis 124
   Periodontal Disease 124
   Reptile-Friendly Veterinarians 124
   Routine Veterinary Visits / Preventative Medicine 124
   Necropsy & Disposal Of Deceased Specimens 125
   Zoonoses 126
   Salmonellosis 127
Bearded Dragon Biosecurity 129
   Introduction 129
   Infectious Diseases 129
   Quarantine 130
   Levels Of Isolation 131
   Important Factors 131
   Quarantine Facilities 131
Bearded Dragon Sanitation & Hygiene 133
   Introduction 133
   Sanitization Of The Environment 133
   Sanitization For The Owner 134
   Hand Wash 134
   Product Comparison Table 135
Congenital Defects 136
   Introduction 136
Additional Activities 137
   Nail Trimming 137
   Body / Walking Harnesses 137
On A Last Note 138
Critics 138
Appendix A – Sizes Of Popular Commercial Vivariums 139
Commonly Used / Commercially Available Vivarium Types & Sizes
Appendix B – Resources 140
Commercial / Custom Herptile Vivarium Producers & Suppliers 140
Feeder Insect & Insects Related Products Suppliers 140
Herptile Friendly Veterinarians, Specialists & Rescue Centres 141
Bearded Dragon Related Resources 141
Other Related Resources 141
Glossary 142
Consulted Literature 148
Websites Consulted 149
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