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RepVet Books Affiliate Program

As a RepVet Books Affiliate you can earn good additional income by selling our eBooks from your website.

RepVet Books Advantages:
  • Earn a massive 50 to 75% commission per sale
  • Multiple exclusive eBooks
  • Unique products
  • Free promotional material
  • All eBooks updated & maintained regularly
RepVet Books Advantages:
  • Totally FREE to join with NO OBLIGATIONS
  • Get paid twice a month, anywhere in the world
  • Money back guarantee for your clients
  • Payment in U$ Dollars

  • Real-time stats & immediate email notification on every sale

Anyone with or without a website can join, anywhere in the WORLD!

Our products are easily converted, meaning that there's no ordering, stock keeping, storage, handling and postage and delivery costs.

RepVet Books Affiliates are paid through ClickBank and are provided with real-time statistics on each transaction. ClickBank is used and trusted by thousands of online merchants to sell and promote high quality internet / electronic related products.

All our books are sold as Electronic Books (eBooks) in simple PDF-format. These files are stored on our servers and are immediately available for download after payment has been confirmed.

How It Works:

After signing up, you place place your referral links with or without pictures on your website. Your visitors come along and click on this link, bringing them to a specific introduction page (still with your ID embedded to know that your site referred them), where they can buy the listed book. After each successful purchase, your account at ClickBank is credited with 50 to 75% of the value of the eBook that was sold. Your earnings are then posted to you by cheque.

As a bonus we've added promotional materials to help you set up your money earning links within minutes after joining our program.

Sale page optimization. Yes, to increase the click-through-rate on our products, we've optimized the layout of our pitch pages to promote more sales. This means more sales per 100 clicks and more commission to our affiliates!


To our affiliate program, you must first
be a member of ClickBank.

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ClickBank will track all affiliate sales for you and email you every time you make a sale!


Choose the eBook(s) you want to promote:

The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual


Pages: 70
68 Full-colour Photos & 3 Illustrations
Average customer rating:
Sale Price: $8.99
Commission per Sale: 75% ($6.50)

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Free Basic Affiliate Manual


The Advanced Bearded Dragon Manual

Pages: 138
123 Full-colour Photos & 13 Illustrations
Average customer rating:
Sale Price: $32.00
Commission per Sale: 50% ($16.00)

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Free Basic Affiliate Manual

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